Volvo Capstone Project


Brandon Tolbert, Othman Bawareth, and myself worked on a capstone project investigating different possible concepts for enclosing the cab environment for asphalt pavers. We began by learning about the paving process, and just how varied the composition of asphalt can be; Haskell Lemon Construction hosted us at an asphalt production facility giving us a tour and sharing their in depth knowledge of the processes that go into asphalt paving.

After generating and exploring the feasibilty of numerous concepts, we focused on developing the details for an enclosure that would be a replaceable accessory to existing pavers. This would potentially generate revenue from previous paver sales as well as renewed income from replacement orders. We recommended an enclosure made primarily of clear PVC vinyl that would stand up to the harsh conditions of the diverse job sites and adverse weather conditions. Since our concept was to serve as an accessory it would require little to no changes to the existing paver designs, reducing research and development costs drastically. The enclosure could be installed by Volvo's skilled service Technicians in the field or at certified dealers.

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