Pre-Capstone Team Project


Our team consisted of Kate Wanazek, Brax Casey, Ryland Oliver, and myself. We worked mastering the principles of design as taught in our pre-capstone course while developing our robot. "Dino-Might" was intended to run with rotary encoders as sensors for calculating distance traveled on the course; unfortunately due to the budget restrictions our encoders were terribly imprecise and in testing our robot would travel and stop ranging from 3-6 feet. We had to abandon that method of tracking and fly blind using system timers based on runs on the course to tell the robot when to turn and stop. All things considered an impressive machine for the $75 dollars invested able to run the course in nearly 15 seconds while limited mainly by our sensing capabilities.

"Dino-Might" Robot

We had to design and build an autonomous vehicle able to traverse a 20 ft long course filled with different obstacles and pop a balloon below styrofoam at the end.